Nordic Asia Investment Group tar in ytterligare 90 MSEK i nytt kapital inför planerad börsnotering

Det nystartade investmentbolaget Nordic Asia Investment Group tar in 90 MSEK i sin Pre-IPO-kapitalanskaffningsrunda. Bolagets affärsidé är att investera i bolag på den kinesiska och asiatiska börsen med fokus på den digitala konsumenten.


Aventura's Interview with Yining Wang, Founder & Investment Director, Nordic Asia

Meeting Yining Wang - the Founder and Investment Director of Nordic Asia Advisory Group, a Stockholm and Shanghai-based investment management firm that aims to decode Asian Investment Opportunities to Nordic Investors.


Nordic Asia highlighted on Nordnet

Nordic Asia’s Founder and Investment Director Yining Wang joins Swedish investment podcast Nordnet to talk about investment oppotunity and organic growth in Asia as well as tips on how to handle the current political situation.


Nordic Asia participated on EFN Market - An interview with Yining Wang (in Swedish)

Yining Wang, Investment Director at Nordic Asia, explains the differences and similarities between the e-commerce platforms Pinduoduo (PDD), and Alibaba.


Nordic Asia highlighted in Swedish Financial Press: Affärsvärlden

Interview with Nordic Asia founder and Investment Director Yining Wang highlighted in Affärsvärlden

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