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Asia – inhabitants two-thirds of world population with long history and centuries of grand civilizations. During 1800 Asia stood for more than 60% of world GDP.

Despite slow economic progress and social instability in the past century. Asia is finally regaining its momentum in its social economic development. As an example, since the reform and opening up of China 1978 – China GDP has increased from 300 billion USD to 13,000 billion USD in the past 40 years Implying a ~10% year over year growth. Since 2001 after joining WTO GDP per capita has multi fold six times during the past two decades. Urbanization has increased from 20% to 60% and number of University graduates in China Increased eight times.

Example Exposure Participation in China GDP


As an example, Swedish total export to China reached 6.5 billion USD and the sum of OMX 30 listed companies has more than 24 billion USD sales combined derived from China. This together makes up approx. 5-6 % of Sweden GDP but only 0.25% of China GDP. Despite this market exposure, Nordic investors have not yet fully captured the economics growth opportunities in Asia.

Forecast China GDP Growth from 2018 – 2030*


The future is more relevant than the past. According to leading economist, China is expected to continue to growth at approx. 5-6% real GDP in the decade to come. This is driven by expansion of domestic consumption, continued urbanization, investments in new technologies and innovation as well as industrial upgrade. By the end of 2030 China GDP in nominal terms is expected to increase 2.5 times and reach 33,000 billion USD. Based to this main scenario above. How can Nordics investors participate in the next decade of rapid economic growth?


To Decode Asia Investment Opportunities to Nordic Investors

Despite the rise of Asia, our investment allocation is small and our understanding of the new entrepreneurial landscape in Asia are limited. At this historical juncture in time, we have never witnessed such a profound and accelerated compounded effect of Technological development and Rapid Economic development in Asia. These two factors are re-shaping the world we live in at an even faster pace. This rapid development give raise to a new era of investment landscape in Asia. At Nordic Asia, we combine our diligent, thoughtful, analytical and long term Nordic investment approach with active local market participation to decode this era of accelerated Asian growth. Our mission is to help Nordic Investors increase their awareness of the rapid changes in Asia and identify the right investment opportunities at this historical juncture to ensure proactive long term participation in the future Asian economic growth.

Investment Universe & Long Term IPO Pipeline 2019 – 2021

Example Listed US/HK/SH/SZ

AlibabaTencentMomoTALCtripZTOAutohomeChina MobileBaiduMTRWeiboNetEase GamesGeely Auto

Nr of Companies: 5,196    Market Cap: 11,031 BUSD*

*Via HK Stock. Connect Sep 2018

Notable IPOs 2018

XiaomiiQIYITencent Music EntertainmentBabytreehuya.comPinduoduoPing An Good DoctorHaiDiLao HotpotChina TowerMeituanChina Renaissanceniu.comChina LiteratureBilibiliNio

IPO Value: >270 BUSD

Top 20 Unicorns in China Long Term IPO Pipeline 2019 – 2021

Total 202 Unicorns as of Q1 2019: Combined valuations over +750 BN *

*Source: Hurun Greater China Unicorn Index 2019 Q1

Our Services

Investment Advisory

Via our local market presence, network and international investment experience: We provide tailor made, insightful, bottom up and bespoke public investment analysis for Nordic professional investors and investor groups.

Private Investment Portfolio

Via our heritage we have unique insights and deep understanding of the social-economical system in both regions. Through our lenses of the world, we help Nordic Investor build tailored investment portfolios by applying a strategic investment approach. We build focused investment portfolio with balanced long term exposure to strategic end verticals in Asia for Nordic Investors. We combine our diligent, thoughtful, analytical and long term investment principles with our local market presence to narrow in on a number structural growth sectors and identify investment opportunities led by the best and honest entrepreneurs.


Nordic Asia Advisory Group is led by a group of 1st or 2nd second generation Swedish Chinese professionals with background in tech and finance backed by senior Nordic investment professionals.

Our unique profiles, network and business experiences in both cultures allows us to take in first-hand information to navigate through noise & biases in order to objectively analyse the world we live in and find truth within the investment opportunities in Asia.

Yining Wang, Partner – Investment Director

Chu Zhu, Partner – Technology


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