Industry Reports


Nordic Asia Industry Insights: Food Condiments Industry

Fragmented market with one giant on the top


Nordic Asia Industry Insights: Sportswear Industry

The China sportswear maintained double digit CAGR during 2014 to 2019 by 16.6%. The market size of sportswear will continue to outgrow the industry along with the rising healthcare consciousness and consumption upgrade.


Nordic Asia Market Insights: Northbound Liquidity

What does Northbound Liquidity mean and How does it influence the Chinese stock market


Chinese White Liquor part 2 – Company financials and analysis of five listed market leaders

In the second part of the Chinese White Liquor series, we will go through the financials and give our second opinion views on the 5 listed Chinese White Liquor market leaders in China


Chinese White Liquor part 1 - Industry overview and introduction to five listed market leaders

In the first part of the Chinese White Liquor series, we will give an overview of the white liquor industry and make an introduction to the top 5 Chinese White Liquor manufacturers and how these companies place in the competitive landscape

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