Meet the Nordic Asia team: Chu Zhu

2020-09-15Nordic Asia Team
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Please tell us briefly about yourself and your background?

I was born and raised in China and moved to Stockholm to study for a Master’s degree. Since early on, I have always been an entrepreneur. I founded my first company in Sweden during my studies and was awarded Student Entrepreneur of the Year of Sweden in 2010. Thereafter, I have been starting and scaling a number of hyper growth tech startups.

How did you come up with the idea to start Nordic Asia?

In light that China’s GDP is currently accounting for approx. 15% of the world’s GDP and still growing fast, Sweden’s current 0.5% exposure in foreign investment towards China is very underweighted. It is just a matter of time before this underweighting will change. We did not realize how big the gap was until we started mapping how many investors there were in Sweden focusing on China investment. Furthermore, the level of understanding of China in Sweden is nearly nonexistent. There is a huge growth potential in filling the gap. Despite a slowdown of GDP growth as China is shifting towards focusing more on quality over quantity, by 2030, there will still be many USD trillions in new GDP growth in China alone. There will be new Alibabas, Tencents, Amazons and Apples arising from the overall growth of the Chinese economy. Our aim is to introduce a brand-new great asset class for Nordic investors.

What skills and experiences do you bring to Nordic Asia and what is your role at Nordic Asia?

Combining my knowledge about China and experience as a tech entrepreneur, I have got a very unique understanding about both the market and how the future will develop in certain areas. At the moment, I am responsible for setting the strategy of our long-term investment goals by looking at companies that are tech and internet specific. I am also responsible of delivering the Nordic Asia Digital platform, which is a whole new way to present an investment fund and share our investment research in an easily consumable format for non-professional investors, as well as offering insights about China investment for professional investors.

In your view what makes Nordic Asia unique and what is your visions for Nordic Asia?

Our knowledge and experience both in China and Sweden makes us unique in the market. Nordic Asia will be the leading fund and the indisputable thought leader when it comes to China investment in the Nordics. Apart from that, we would also be leading the way on how to run a fund in the digital era, by introducing the Nordic Asia App, which will be an easily accessible tool for everyone interested in investing in China.

Please follow us on our journey ahead and we would much appreciate your support in the future.

Thanks for now and hope to connect with you soon again,

Best Regards

Chu Zhu

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