Meet the Nordic Asia team: Svante Jerling

2020-10-09Nordic Asia Team
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Please tell us briefly about yourself and your background?

My curiosity drove me to move to Beijing in 2005, my openness led me to join an endeavor trying to build social networks in China. Being a foreign entrepreneur in China had more pros back then than it does today. Since early 2000’s China has undergone a paradigm shift in values, economy and digitalization. It was perfect for my curios mind.

Why did you decide to get involved in Nordic Asia and what challenges in the market do you think Nordic Asia will resolve?

Moving back to Sweden I noticed that there is a growing interest for China both as potential market but also for investment. The problem is that people simply do not understand enough to make informed decisions. I think there is a growing need for decoding Asia for all who are interested.

What skills and experiences do you bring to Nordic Asia and what is your role at Nordic Asia?

Having been an entrepreneur on the ground from 2005 – 2015 in Beijing means that I have more work experience in China than in Europe. That decade has given me insight to how the market works and how fast it is developing. The changes is not limited to purchasing power but also affect consumption psychology. China has really transformed from being just a status and recognition driven market to a developed lifestyle driven one.

In your view what makes Nordic Asia unique and what is your visions for Nordic Asia?

I know that Europe will have bigger economic and investment partnerships with China and Asia in the future. With Nordic Asia we can help to catalyze this process and enable investors to make more informed decisions. Simply put it we want to help decode Asia.

Please follow us on our journey ahead and we would much appreciate your support in the future.

Thanks for now and hope to connect with you soon again,

Best Regards

Svante Jerling

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