Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: China Merchants Bank

China Merchants Bank is a technology-driven leading Retail Bank. During 2020, its share price went up 22.3%, mainly driven by its interest income business and digital platform.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Updates: Geely

Geely – the parent company of Swedish Volvo Passenger Cars. The share price is up 73.9% in 2020 driven by its global expansion, product matrix, brand matrix and new user acquisitions.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: NIU Technology

NIU is the Tesla of E-scooter. Its share price up 228% during 2020, mainly driven by its market expansion and user acquisition.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Update: SF Holding

SF Holding is the UPS of China. Its share price up 137.2% during 2020, mainly driven by its e-commerce penetration and logistic.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: AIA

AIA is a Global Leadership in Insurancein Asia. Its share price up 16.2% during 2020, mainly driven by its wealth creation ability and new customer acquisition.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine is the Pfizer of China. Its share price went up 27.4% in 2020 driven by abundant R&D pipelines and has formed a strong drug portfolio with new drug clinical trial applications every year.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: Wuxi AppTec

Wuxi AppTec is a world-leading Supporter of Innovative Medicine. Its share price went up 46.2% in 2020 driven by strong new drug R&D capabilities.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: Alibaba Q3 2020 Result

Alibaba announced its Q3 2020 results on 2nd Feb 2021. See key takeaways and Nordic Asia's outlook for Alibaba.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: Kuaishou Technology

Kuaishou, one of the largest short video & live streaming in China, went public on 5th Feb. See Nordic Asia's view on how Kuaishou app produce its content and how the special “Buddy Culture”(老铁文化) that creates special connections between live streamers and their followers.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: Shenzhou International

This article will give you an introduction to Shenzhou International - Largest OEM and ODM Apparel Manufacturer in China. In 2020, its share price was up 33% and Its revenue was up 4%, with EBIT% of 23%. Find out why Nordic Asia is Investing in Shenzhou International.


Nordic Asia Portfolio Insights: Shenzhen Sunway

This article will give you an introduction to Sunway - Leader of 5G Antenna & Wireless Charging Coils Supplier. Find out why Nordic Asia is Investing in Sunway.

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